August: Dog Days of Summer are here!

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flowerThe dog days of summer are here! This is the least productive season for both plants and people in Central Texas! It is a good time to let the landscape, and you, rest and make the best of the heat while preparing for the fall gardening season.

Water deeply and conserve water. Any time you water, use only sprinklers that spray the least amount of water into the air, where it is lost to evaporation. Water early in the morning or late in the evening for the same reason. In addition, the more water on the leaves, the greater the chances of fungal problems on the leaves. Water on the leaves while the sun is out can cause burning of the foliage. Concentrate on newly planted as well as established trees. Established trees need water anytime we have not had at least an inch of rain for four to six weeks. Trees less than two years in the ground need water every one to two weeks, depending on the soil, weather, and species of tree. Your finger is your best moisture meter: dig down as deeply as you can to feel the soil around the roots before watering. And don’t forget the shrubs; they need water and attention too. Be aware of your community’s watering schedule and modify accordingly. Austin Water’s September 2012 implemented Stage 2 Regulations remain in effect. This is in response to combined storage in lakes Travis and Buchanan reaching the 900,000 acre-foot trigger in the Drought Contingency Plan.

*Your assigned watering day is determined by property type, type of irrigation used, and whether the street address ends in an even or odd number.

Violations will first result in an official warning. Additional violations are subject to an administrative fine, which increases with repeated offenses and more severe drought conditions. During Stage 2, residential fines start at $75 per violation and commercial fines begin at $200 per violation. Report violations by calling 3-1-1.

Wasting water is prohibited year-round. Be mindful of leaking faucets, pipes, and irrigation systems operating with misdirected or broken sprinkler heads. Find out more about available Rebates and Programs to help save water and get information about detecting water-wasting leaks at

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The Natural Gardener Website – August Tips

City of Austin Website – Austin Water Utility Watering Restrictions


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