December: There is still much to do in our yards and gardens.

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botanica-design-leafWinter is finally upon us and although most of us want to hunker down and hibernate like the bears, there is still much to do in our yards and gardens. Although most plants, trees and grasses are dormant, they still need some care and maintenance. Please see below for our December list of reminders.


Now is a good time to clean out those dead annuals and remove debris. If you feel the need for some color in the garden during winter, you still have time to plant pansies, snapdragons and calendula and juniper. From now until the end of January you can also plant trees and shrubs if the ground is workable. This will allow them to get a good start before warmer weather comes back in April and May.

Don’t forget that perennials like to be divided at this time of the year. After several seasons of growing, many plants tire out and begin to wilt. Therefore, to keep plants healthy and blooming, pull out the plants from the ground and disentangle the roots system. This process is known as ‘division.’


So here’s the dirt on composting: anyone can do it, it’s free and what better way turn your yard and kitchen scraps into “gardener’s gold” than by composting? If you’ve never composted ask Oscar for advice and details on getting started.


Bad bugs such as stinkbugs, mealy bugs and various beetles thrive on hiding in piles of debris like dead leaves. This is how many of them survive the winter. Making sure that your yard is neat and clean is more than just an aesthetic consideration, it’s an investment in pest control. Ants, mosquitoes, termites and silverfish love wet, warm winters much like the one we’re currently experiencing. Ask us to come by and clear out your gardens and flowerbeds.


There is still time to top dress your lawn.

Don’t forget to prepare the root systems of your plants for the dormant stage. Winterizing your lawn will ensure that your plants survive and come back lush and plentiful.


Make sure you take a peek at your sprinkler systems to make sure the system is still working and fully operational as you still need to water your plants in winter.

Thank you and we wish you all a fruitful and merry holiday season!
Oscar Moraesand the crew

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